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Pride at New London Hospital and Beyond

Inclusive Care Environment-Team

At the beginning of 2019, New London Hospital launched a new committee called the Inclusive Care Environment-Team (ICE-T). The focus of ICE-T is to improve the patient, family, staff and community experience as it pertains to gender variance and sexual diversity.

Pride banner “The mission of ICE-T is to provide safe, quality care that assures a valuable patient experience for every patient, every time, in partnership with patients, families and health care providers. The way we have chosen to start is by increasing knowledge and education to our staff. Our future goal is to make improvements where we can with documents and technology systems, and to keep us aware of improvements that are still needed,” says Nicole Alves, manager of Service Excellence at New London. “We want to make sure we continue to improve and address as many concerns or issues when it comes to inclusive care.”

In June, New London celebrated their own day of PRIDE, supporting their LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) families, staff and community. ICE-T staffed a table outside Breezes Café in the hospital with LGBTQ brochures and supportive collectibles. Group photos were taken throughout the day and posted to social media.

New London Hospital celebrates gay pride. Supporting our LGPTQ, patients, families, staff, community.

“I always feel tremendous pride to be an employee here at New London,” said Marcia Goulart, New London recruiter. “I am passionate about being part of our ICE-T and taking positive steps in showing support for our community and staff.”